Lucht Events Coöperatie U.A.

The terms under which participation in the events organized by Lucht Events Coöperatie U.A. can take place are set out in these general terms and conditions.


1.1. Organization
1.1.1. The events are organized by Lucht Events Coöperatie U.A. (hereinafter referred to as "the organization"). Correspondence address: Louis Paul Boonstraat 35, 1321KA Almere.

1.2. Exhibition Program
1.2.1. Only goods and services that, in the opinion of the organizers, are in line with the purpose of the event being organized, may be exhibited at the exhibition. The purpose/description of the criteria that participants must meet will be communicated for each event in the registration forms. If upon registration it is found that the offering does not match the purpose of the event, the organization has the right not to accept the registration.

1.2.2. The following may not be admitted to the exhibition: goods that may be hazardous to visitors or exhibit defects, or may exhibit defects shortly after the start of use. This is at the discretion of the organization, which also determines the number of stands in which the same (type of) product or service can be exhibited.

1.3. Promotion
1.3.1. The organization has the right to use materials, articles, photos, and names of participants or services submitted by participants in publications for the event for which the participant has registered. The organization has the right to make and use recordings or other images during the event for its own purposes.

1.4. Changes and cancellations
1.4.1. The organization has the right to change the dates and times of the event as stated on the registration form or to cancel the event due to unforeseen circumstances beyond their control (force majeure in the broadest sense of the word, such as fire, national disaster, etc.). Regardless of whether the allocation of stand space to participants has already been communicated, they cannot claim compensation from the organizers for any damage, in whatever form or for whatever reason it may have arisen.

1.4.2. Changes in dates and times as stated do not entitle participants to withdraw their registration in whole or in part.

1.4.3. If the permit for the event is revoked by the relevant government authority(ies) due to calamities and the event cannot take place as a result thereof or due to force majeure of Lucht Events Coöperatie U.A., the obligation of the exhibitor to pay for the stand remains. Lucht Events Coöperatie U.A. is only liable if damage is caused by gross negligence and/or fault attributable to it, but only up to the amount agreed upon at the conclusion of the contract.

1.4.4. In case of cancellation of the event, registrations are considered void, and the amounts paid by the participants for the stand rental will be refunded, after deduction of the costs already incurred for the organization of the event, which may be fully or partially distributed among the participants in proportion to the stand space for which they have registered or have been allocated. This refund will take place within 90 days of the decision not to hold the event.

1.4.5. If the organization decides to change the date of the event in the run-up to the event - in the interest of the event itself and its promotion, such as media interest, a major event, a sports event, or the like - the organization reserves the right to change the planned date without refund or similar action to already registered participants. The organization undertakes to notify the registered participant of this decision at least 60 days before the start of the event itself.

1.4.6. If the event is postponed or has to be postponed for valid reasons, the conditions based on the original event dates apply. The event can be postponed up to 3 times by mutual agreement and/or on the order of the government without refund of participation fees. Registration and thus participation in the event are transferred to the new event dates. If one cannot participate on the new event dates, the participant can transfer their participation fees to a subsequent event. Only after the production of the event on the new event dates, a refund of (part of) the total participation fees may be possible through consultation.

1.4.7. Special provision for 2024: If the Event 2024 cannot take place due to COVID-19 measures by the government, the participant's participation fee will be retained for a postponed event in 2024 or for the event in 2025. The advantage for the participant is that they can participate in the respective event at the previously paid participation fee without a price increase. The participant is free to request a refund of the participation fees from the organizer instead. The organizer will refund the participation fees.


2.1. Registration

2.1.1. Participation is only possible through the registration form obtainable from the organization.

2.1.2. Registration fee is included in the stand rental linked to participation.

2.1.3. Participants must provide an overview of the goods or services they intend to exhibit upon registration. In any case, the information requested on the registration form must be fully provided.

2.1.4. If the registration form is signed by an unauthorized employee of the respective participant, the organization considers it signed by an authorized person, and the participant will be obliged to accept all consequences arising from this signature.

2.1.5. Registration does not entitle to the determination of stand space. In exceptional cases, the organizers may not process a registration, determine less stand space than registered for, decide to change already assigned stand space, or revoke a previously granted allocation without the participant being entitled to compensation for any damage suffered, regardless of the cause. In this case, the participant has the right to cancel their participation in the event within 1 week of being informed of this change, in connection with this change, in writing, by registered mail. In this case, the already paid stand rental will be refunded, possibly after deducting the registration fee.

2.1.6. Allocation of stand position is determined by the organization, and there can be no correspondence about this. The organization will take into account the participant's wishes communicated in a timely manner as much as possible. No rights can be derived from the communicated wishes.

2.1.7. Registrations will be processed in the order of receipt.

2.2. Facilities

2.2.1. The description of the stand space and the rental costs are mentioned in the registration form, as well as the facilities that can be ordered directly upon registration.

2.3. Sale of Products

2.3.1. During the event, participants are allowed to sell exhibited services and products not intended for consumption during the event (different provisions apply for this). Revenues from sales are 70% intended for the participant.

2.4. Exhibiting Without prior written permission from or on behalf of the organizers, participants are not allowed to:

2.4.1. Keep the occupied stand closed or unoccupied during the time the event is open to visitors, cover the exhibited goods or part of them, or indicate that these goods have been sold;

2.4.2. Exhibit, offer, or advertise goods and services not specifically mentioned in the registration form or for companies or institutions that do not have stand space at the event;

2.4.3. Rent out or transfer the occupied stand space in whole or in part to third parties, or exchange it with another participant;

2.4.4. Engage in activities that, in the opinion of the organization, cause damage or harm to the event as a collective manifestation, even if these activities are not directed against the event as such, but are directed against one or more participants, visitors, or groups thereof.

Participant must meet the following conditions:

2.4.5. Anyone conducting their business, temporarily or otherwise, during the event, including as a tenant, subtenant, supplier, and/or licensee, must comply with the Working Conditions Act and decisions based thereon.

2.4.6. The participant ensures that their personnel are capable of safely performing the assigned tasks. Damage or accidents caused by your personnel are fully attributable to the participant. - The participant ensures that employees working or present in the stand during the construction, dismantling, and opening hours of the event are insured for any form of accidents, work, and damage caused by the employee.

2.5. Other Provisions Without written permission from the organization, the participant is not allowed to:

2.5.1. Make changes to or on the event site/buildings, including but not limited to sticking, chopping, breaking, drilling, nailing, or otherwise damaging floors, walls, ceilings, columns, any trees or greenery, etc.;

2.5.2. Place bills or other advertising materials inside or outside the occupied stand on columns, walls, ceilings, trusses, trees, greenery, monumental buildings, etc., of the event site/buildings.

2.5.3. Distribute flyers without permission.

2.5.4. Swap or have swapped parts and accessories of exhibited goods within the site/buildings;

2.5.5. Remove goods from the occupied stand during the event;

2.5.6. Use the walls of adjacent stands;

2.5.7. Bring flammable or explosive substances, gases, and hazardous goods (including chemical pesticides and insecticides), substances emitting odors, as well as radioactive sources onto the event site/buildings;

2.5.8. Project images, amplify spoken word through speakers, play music, and/or make noise, as well as place television sets or moving goods;

2.5.9. Conduct surveys of visitors and participants at the event within the exhibition hall or on the associated premises.


3.1 Payment Terms

The payment of stand rental, plus the applicable VAT, must be made as follows:

3.1.1 The invoice amount, based on the orders on the registration form, must be paid in full within 14 days of the invoice date.

3.1.2 For registrations within 28 days before the start of the event, the amount must be paid immediately.

3.1.3 The invoice amount must be paid in full within 14 days of the invoice date.

3.2 Financial Obligations

3.2.1 If the participant fails to meet their financial obligations, the organizers are entitled to withhold stand space, without prejudice to the organizers' right to full compensation for these amounts.

3.2.2 The organizers are entitled to assign the collection of amounts due from the participant, with all costs, both judicial and extrajudicial costs, borne by the participant, plus the statutory interest applicable from the due date of the amounts due.


4.1 A registration cannot be unilaterally withdrawn or modified by the participant. The organization may grant a request to cancel the registration on condition that the participant pays a cancellation fee upon cancellation. If cancellation occurs within 62 days before the start of the event, 50% of the total order of stand and facilities is due (with a minimum of the registration fee as stated in Art. 2.1). If cancellation occurs within 21 days before the start of the event, 100% of the total order of stand and facilities is due.

4.2 With each cancellation, the registration fee amounting to 30% of the total amount (with a minimum of € 200) and the costs of additional orders (if these cannot be canceled anymore by the respective suppliers) will be charged to the participant.

4.3 Up to one month before the first day of the event, the participant, if demonstrably forced by force majeure, may withdraw participation in whole or in part. Provided it is communicated in writing to the organization, received by registered mail, and the organization has approved the reason for cancellation in writing. The payment made by the participant will be refunded after deduction of the registration fee and the costs incurred by the organization for the participant (plus VAT).


5.1 Setup and Dismantling

5.1.1 Access: During setup and dismantling, only persons with a participant pass are allowed access to the event site.

5.1.2 The participant agrees to inspection of the loading and luggage compartments of vehicles leaving the premises on their behalf. The inspection will be carried out by an authorized security officer in the interest of general safety.

5.1.3 Participants will be given the opportunity to remove goods from, and dismantle stands during the designated dismantling period.

5.1.4 The participant is required to leave the stand and the premises in the same condition as it was provided to them by the organization before the start of the setup period. Any damages and contaminations will be rectified by the organization, and the associated costs will be passed on to the participant.

5.1.5 Water and electricity will be disconnected immediately after the end of the event. Damage resulting from negligence or ignorance of the exhibitor cannot be claimed from the organization.

5.1.6 The organization is entitled to destroy or sell materials and goods that are not known to belong to anyone at the organization and that have not been collected by the owner after 2 working days following the closure of the event at its discretion.

5.2 Design and Decoration

5.2.1 Participants are required to follow the instructions and guidelines provided by the organizers regarding stand construction and decoration accurately.

5.2.2 The participant is obligated to comply with the instructions from or on behalf of the organizers, the Municipality, the Fire Department, and other authorities regarding the setup, layout, safety, maintenance, and dismantling of the stand occupied by them.

5.2.3 The organizers reserve the right to give the participant compulsory instructions regarding the execution of work in or on, as well as the use of the event site/buildings.

5.2.4 The participant must ensure that their stand is well-maintained and does not pose a danger to event visitors. In the interest of the event's success, the organization reserves the right to have elements and decorations removed and/or modified by the participant if they are not in line with the objectives of the event.

5.2.5 It is not permitted to connect equipment in a way that exceeds the wattage available in the stand. This is to prevent overload and failure of the energy supply at the event.

5.2.6 Floor covering must not be adhered or nailed to the floor. No attachments may be made to the stand that leave (in)visible damage (such as holes, etc.) or traces upon removal. All damage caused by the constructions and installations made in and around the stand are entirely the responsibility of the participant.

5.3 Waste

5.3.1 The participant is responsible for ensuring that all waste generated during setup and dismantling is deposited in the available container(s). The organization will collect waste generated during the event, which is offered in sealed garbage bags.

5.3.2 The participant agrees to leave the stand space, plus the immediate surroundings and rented goods, completely clean and free of waste after the event closes, before vacating the premises permanently. Failure to comply will result in the participant incurring the costs of cleanup and sanitation, with a minimum of €50.

5.4 Third Parties

5.4.1 The participant ensures that third parties engaged by them to perform activities for their participation in the event, such as a stand builder or installer, carry out the work in accordance with the regulations set forth in this regulation and any further instructions provided by the organization. The participant remains (jointly) liable at all times for compliance with these regulations and any damage caused as a result of non-compliance by the third parties engaged by them.


6.1 Stand

6.1.1 Combustible materials may not be used for the covering of stand space or decoration material. When using combustible fabrics for covering stands, they must be adequately fire-retardant treated. Proof of this treatment must be available at all times.

6.1.2 Devices, appliances, heaters, fireplaces, etc., with open flames may not be demonstrated, used for catering purposes, or for any other purposes.

6.1.3 Fire and safety regulations will be inspected by the municipal Fire Department. In case of doubt about the safety of materials and articles to be used and/or exhibited, contact must be made through the organization with the Municipal Fire Department.

6.1.4 It is prohibited to store packaging materials in or around the stand space. 6.1.5 No obstacles, such as advertising signs and interior, may be placed outside the stand, due to safety and visitor flow.

6.2 Fire Safety Regulations

6.2.1 All fire extinguishing equipment, fire hydrants, and lockable drains must always remain visible and accessible. It is not allowed to use water from these sources for consumptive purposes.

6.2.2 All roads, exits, passageways, aisles, emergency exits, stairs, etc., may not be blocked in whole or in part unless with written permission from the organization and the fire department.

6.2.3 All applicable government fire regulations remain in force.

6.3 Hazardous Substances

6.3.1 Transport and storage of flammable liquids are not allowed. Bringing and/or using bottles with compressed gases on the event premises is not permitted unless with written permission from the organization.

6.4 Weapons

6.4.1 Bringing and/or using weapons as defined by the Weapons and Ammunition Act on the premises is not allowed.


7.1 The participant must adequately insure their goods and stand personnel against theft, damage, fire, accidents, or other matters not described here.

7.2 All goods of the participant are and remain at their own risk. The organization does not undertake to insure them. The participant must insure them adequately.

7.3 The participant is responsible for supervising their stand during the setup, opening hours, and dismantling of the event.

7.4 The organization provides security for the premises to minimize the risk of theft and damage. Participants are advised to remove valuable and theft-prone products if the stand is unattended.


8.1 The participant is obligated to compensate all damages suffered by the organization or the venue as a result of a failure attributable to them.

8.2 The organization is not liable for damage to, loss of, or theft of goods present on the event premises unless the organization can be accused of intent or gross negligence. In that case, the liability of the organization will never exceed the maximum amount payable by its insurer. Consequential or business damages are never eligible for compensation. The participant indemnifies the organizers from third-party claims in this regard.

8.3 Damage caused by weather conditions of any kind is considered force majeure and cannot be claimed from the organization.

8.4 Similarly, the organizers are not liable for damage to third parties caused by the use of the stand by the participant or their staff.

8.5 Goods, including packaging, are at the participant's expense and risk in the exhibition building or on the associated premises. The organizers do not undertake to insure the goods.

8.6 The organizers, their directors, authorized representatives, and staff are not liable for any damage of any kind resulting from damage to or loss of goods, nor for damage caused by the non-functioning or inadequate functioning of technical installations of the event site/buildings, or by any other defects of the site/buildings, nor for damage of any kind caused to goods or persons, provided that any damage as referred to is not covered by a liability insurance policy closed by the organizers.

8.7 The participant is liable for and must be insured against all damages of any kind caused by their own actions or negligence, their staff, persons working for them in any way, and holders of participant cards and/or continuous access passes provided by them, or by their submissions in any way to goods and/or persons working for or on behalf of the organizers, and they are obliged to indemnify the organizers and/or the event site/exhibition building against all claims that others may make against the organizers in connection therewith.

8.8 The participant is required to ensure adequate fire and accident insurance. 8.9 Any participant working with water from the risk category is obliged to take all precautions to prevent water contamination in any form and undertakes to cooperate in all possible controls. Furthermore, the participant is obliged to accept any liability in the event of non-compliance with the rules or water contamination at the stand.

9. Catering Regulations

9.1 Consumption during the event

9.1.1 Sale of beverages and meals during the event is reserved for catering participants, who have been granted permission by the organization prior to the event.

9.1.2 The participant must strictly adhere to the applicable rules in the Netherlands, including those of HCCP and the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. Non-compliance or negligence is entirely attributable to the offender. If failure to comply with legal regulations causes damage, directly or indirectly, to the image or turnover of the event, the organization reserves the right to recover this damage from the offender.

9.1.3 Offering or selling (strong) alcoholic beverages to the public without a valid government-issued permit is not allowed. If the participant proceeds to provide strong alcoholic beverages (+15%) regardless, any consequences thereof are the responsibility of the participant.

9.2 Free sale

9.2.1 Allowing tasting and testing of incomplete consumptions (samples) is permitted. Likewise, sale of packaged products for home use to visitors is allowed. These sales are settled by the visitor in cash directly with the participant. 70% of the revenue benefits the participant.

9.3 Other

9.3.1 Refreshments for personal use are available in sufficient quantities throughout the event site. The organization requests that participants preferably refrain from taking breaks and eating/drinking at their own stand, out of respect for the visitors.

9.3.2 Participants must adhere to the provisions and prohibitions contained in the Code for Alcoholic Beverages.

9.3.3 Participants are only allowed to offer a visitor a free refreshment if a commercial conversation is being held with a potential customer within the stand.

10. Sanctions

10.1 The organizers are authorized, without judicial intervention, to take one or more of the following measures and provisions against a participant, their staff, persons working for them or on their behalf, and holders of participant cards and/or continuous access passes provided by them, who act in violation of any provision of this regulation or fail to comply with an instruction given by or on behalf of the organizers, if necessary at the expense of the participant:

10.1.1 To revoke the participant cards and/or continuous access passes provided to them and deny the person(s) access to the event and/or the event site/building immediately;

10.1.2 To close their stand or have it entirely or partially vacated, and dispose of the available or unoccupied space;

10.1.3 To exclude the participant concerned from participating in further organized events.

11. Ambiguities

11.1 In all cases where this regulation does not provide or is considered unclear, the organization decides. Finally, Lucht Events Coöperatie U.A. kindly requests that you treat the event site/building with respect and act as good guests towards our host, who allows us to enter their premises with our event.